Articles by Jennifer Romano Bergstrom

Jennifer is a UX researcher at Facebook where she works to understand the UX of Facebook in emerging markets. She specializes in experimental design, eye tracking, and usability for older adults. She is the coauthor of Eye Tracking in User Experience Design (2014) and Usability Testing for Survey Research (forthcoming, 2016). Twitter: @romanocog

Designing for Vulnerable Users: Illustrations (May) Help Understand Complex Health Websites

Illustrations have the potential to aid in understanding complex health information, but using images effectively requires testing to tailor them to the needs of a wide variety of users. [Read More]

Spanish Language Personas: Informing the Design of Healthcare Websites

Research for Spanish-language personas showed that Latinos in the U.S. have consistent user needs related to culture and language that are applicable to all types of health information websites. [Read More]