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Photo of MarkusMarkus Weber is head of Usability Engineering at Centigrade GmbH, Germany. His work ranges from user task analyses and interaction design to expert reviews and usability testing, which he has conducted for clients from many different sectors. Markus holds a diploma in psychology and received his doctorate after submitting a thesis in cognitive psychology on the usage of eye tracking in an e-learning context.

谈谈 UX:UX 设计中的沟通

UX 全在于沟通。UX 专业人员要取得成功就必须擅长沟通。不过,沟通不仅仅意味着出言谨慎。当进行现场研究时,UX 专业人员会掉到很多“沟通陷阱”中 - 某些陷阱不易被察觉,因而更危险。沟通可以成就 UX 设计项目,也可以损害 UX 设计项目,并会对职业发展产生很大影响。因此,UX 专业人员意识到潜在的沟通陷阱并成功避免这些陷阱是非常重要的。 [阅读详情]