Articles by Shanae Ullman

Shanae Ullman is the CEO of Nerdy Diva, LLC and also serves as User Experience Strategist at Maryville University. She is adjunct faculty at Maryville University and Northeastern University. Previously, she has worked in UX and IT in the Boston area. She has built design solutions in global corporate high-tech companies, academia, and consulting with small-medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations. Her expertise is in user research, user experience design, WordPress design and development, and cloud applications. She has partnered with non-profit organizations such as NSBE, Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code, Big Sisters, and Gique to increase awareness of design careers to girls and people of color. Her interests include design and diversity, integrating legacy applications to the cloud, and designing for mobile. Twitter: @nerdydivashanae

Workplace Culture: Increasing Diversity in Your UX Team

As global society becomes more integrated, it is more important to embrace diverse people and perspectives both in design organizations and in the design process. [Read More]