All 11.2 – June 2012 articles

Integrating UX Design into Agile Software Development

Photo of Jeff Gotelf

UX designer shares how he changed the mindset of his organization get buy-in for an integrated Agile UX software development process. [Read More]

The Magic of Mobile Money Identification

How do blind people identify U.S. bills and other currency without help? Affordable mobile apps are liberating those with low vision. [Read More]

The Fate of a Digital Slate

A digital slate with hands using it

A low-cost tablet prototype for assisting in the tracking of child malnutrition in rural India encountered socio-technical challenges beyond usability in field test. [Read More]

Home Front Help

Closeup of patient chart

Through particpatory design sessions followed by usability assessments, recruited veteran caregivers design a pilot application that really improves their lives. [Read More]

A Call For Help

Woman in traditional dress holding a mobile phone

Humanitarian agencies using mobile money find a promising way to deliver cash-based assistance to people in need, yet there are UX challenges to be solved. [Read More]

Mobile Data Collection

Mobile app screen

Save time and minimize errors in surveys using a comprehensive mobile-based solution that makes it easier for researchers to collect reliable field data. [Read More]

The Money Machine

iPhone screen

User-centered design. persusive theory, and mobile technology assist in designing a financial application that promotes positive change in behaviors. [Read More]

Mobile Money for Financial Inclusion in India

Mobile technologies will play a pivotal role in realizing universal access to banking services, but there are many more challenges ahead. What's next for UX designers? [Read More]

Dónde Empezar a Trabajar en UX Móvil: Digiriendo el Consejo de los Expertos

Diez sugerencias para los tests de usabilidad móviles, cinco preguntas importantes a tener en cuenta, pautas para el diseño de UX, creación de bocetos móviles, y mucho más en el mundo móvil. [Read More]

It’s Finally Here! A Book about User Experience Management (Book Review)

Book cover

A review of User Experience Management by Arnie Lund.
A must-read for anyone who is managing user experience teams, or someday aspires to do so, peppered with words of wisdom and advice from industry veterans. [Read More]

Editor’s Note: The World is Mobile


The theme for this issue is Beyond Books. It has a nice balance of research- and design-related topics, ranging from note-taking, making sense of user feedback, and report writing to designing for entertainment and persuasion. [Read More]

Editor’s Note: Behind the Scenes


Are you interested in adding a working editor’s notch to your resumé? Our volunteer staff is always interested in growing with new talent. [Read More]

Rubes Cartoons: On Layoffs

Cartoons from the wild and twisted world of Leigh Rubin, syndicated cartoonist. [Read More]