All 11.3 – August 2012 articles

Dear Diary: Using Diaries to Study User Experience


A UX diary contains notes on experiences using an application in a natural environment. Learn how to use diaries in your research studies. [Read More]

Hold the Sprinkles! Design Mapping for Agile UX Design

Login screen image

Agile design teams can often get swept up in a single product feature, iterating that one feature to its most perfect state. [Read More]

Testing by Teaching: Peer Tutoring, a Usability Evaluation Method for Children

Two children at a computer

Peer Tutoring helps engage and encourage children during usability testing. The social context makes the test more natural, resulting in richer findings. [Read More]

Making the Case: Rounding Out Usability Testing with Web Analytics

Analytics graph

Using qualitative data, you can plan usability tests and analyze test results by reviewing where users currently go on your site. [Read More]

Mobilize: Make Good Things Come in Small Packages

Mobile keyboard showing how to enter brackets

How do you squeeze a feature-rich math desktop program into a lightweight mobile app? Start with the features most users need for most tasks. [Read More]

Which Path Is for Me? The Emerging Role of VP of UX

Woman at a crossroads

Ever wonder if you have what it takes to be a VP of UX? Chelsey Glasson and Ian Swinson spoke with twelve UX VPs about their roles. [Read More]

Simplicity, Not So Simple: Embracing Deep Gradual Engagement

Simplification is not so simple. Fundamentally, simple is good when it comes to experience design, but there is typically a trade-off. [Read More]

The “A” Word: Accessibility as Part of UX

Diagram of a web page

Accessibility is often misunderstood, maligned, or misinterpreted. To create extraordinary digital experiences, accessibility must come together with usability, creativity, and technology. [Read More]

Back to the Future: UX in the Past 100 Years of Science Fiction

Robot from a sci-fi film

If you want to look into the future of UX design, take a close look at the science fiction movies of the last 100 years. [Read More]

Making Everything Fit (Book Review)

Book cover

A review of Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte
Making a case and practical instruction for creating a design that scales based on platform. [Read More]

Editor’s Note: What’s in a Name?


UPA has changed its name to UXPA—the User Experience Professionals’ Organization. [Read More]

WUD 2012: The Usability of Financial Systems

World Usability Day logo

World Usability Day on November 8, 2012 is focused on the usability of financial systems—a topic that affects everyone, all around the world. [Read More]

Rubes Cartoons: Be Reasonable

Cartoons from the wild and twisted world of Leigh Rubin, syndicated cartoonist. [Read More]