All 8.1 – March 2009 articles

What Do We Know about Older Users? How Old is Old?

Usability professionals have many of the same preconceptions about aging and technology use as those exhibited by people in other professions. [Read More]

The Aging Brain: At the Crossroads of Attention and Memory

Although slowed with aging, difficulties in suppressing irrelevant information, affecting attention span and memory retention, are found in all age groups. [Read More]

Design for the Aging Brain (Commentary of Dr. Gazzaley’s The Aging Brain)

We need to understand the mechanisms that underlie the physical and mental changes of aging to design products that interface well with older adults' cognitive abilities. [Read More]

Conducting Field Studies with Older Adults Lessons for Recruiting and Testing Older Users

Field testing and field research work especially well with older adults, if you are sensitive to their needs in both the recruiting and data collection process. [Read More]

Designing Spaces for Dementia: An Interview with Terry Carson

An interview with Terry Carson, the owner of residential facilities for people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. [Read More]

Geographic Orientation & Disorientation: Getting Lost and Getting Found in Real and Information Spaces

To reduce problems of navigational disorientation, incorporate different sets of orientation factors and accommodate the needs and abilities of all users. [Read More]

Web 2.0 for an Older Population: Exploring the Limits

To enable a rapidly aging population with the connected social experiences that younger Web users experience, find balance between replacing and augmenting offline activity. [Read More]

Older Users Online: WAI Guidelines Address the Web Experiences of Older Users

A review of research into overlaps between the accessibility needs of older users and people with disabilities showed that WCAG 2.0 meets most of the identified requirements of older web users. The article introduces the WAI-AGE project. [Read More]

The View from Here: When is Enough Enough?

As we age, we are constantly compromising, and redefining what we view as living. [Read More]

What’s News: Helping Seniors Helps Everybody

With the aging of the baby boomers, product developers are realizing that there’s money to be made by making products more user-friendly to older people. [Read More]

Book Review: Assisted Loving

The book is a consciousness-raiser for family members who are dealing with aging seniors as they enter new phases of their lives. [Read More]

Editor’s Note: Platinum Perspectives on Usability and User Experience

The role of seniors have important implications for the policies and focus of attention for our professional organizations and daily life. [Read More]

Rubes Cartoon: Technology

Green bubble with text:

Cartoons from the wild and twisted world of Leigh Rubin, syndicated cartoonist. [Read More]