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It’s Not Easy Being Green: Creating a Green User Experience

Usability professionals can make both large and small choices that will help users have a green user experience. [Read More]

Live More Sustainably: Smart Tools Reduce Our Impact on the Environment

To gauge success in changing people's consuming patterns, we must be able to assess and monitor certain indicators both at an individual and community level. [Read More]

About World Usability Day 2009: Designing for a Sustainable World

World Usability Day

What follows is a series of personal essays on sustainability. [Read More]

Sustainable Design at Home

World Usability Day

When you begin any project, start thinking about how you can make it greener. Sustainable design is good design. [Read More]

Sustainability is Interactive

World Usability Day

Sustainability refers to sustainable social, cultural, and financial systems, not just environmental systems, thus we need to consider how the things we make and use affect them. [Read More]

Xeriscaping: Sustainability in Practice

World Usability Day

Xeriscape, using drought-tolerant plants that require minimal water to survive and thrive, leads to greater residential water conservation. [Read More]

Accidental Sustainability

World Usability Day

Accidental sustainability is creating useful, satisfying, meaningful products and services people don’t need to replace and help conserve our resources. [Read More]

Coping Daily with Green Ethics

World Usability Day

The conundrums of living sustainably will only be resolved when wiser professionals step back and look at the big picture. [Read More]

The Green Machine: Going Green at Home

screencap of app

The Green Machine seeks to create a prototype to test whether it makes people reduce their energy consumption, holding significant implications on the use of Smart Grid software. [Read More]

Experiencing Change: The New and the Old


Studying the history of technology should not trivialize the contributions of our digital era but give new perspective to the affect of new and old on today’s users. [Read More]

Sustainable Data Centers: The Dirt on Clean Computing

Creating efficient data centers with significantly lower environmental impacts is attainable and highly desirable for economic reasons. [Read More]

The View from Here: Living Near the Base of the Pyramid

We are just beginning to regard the base of the pyramid as a viable business segment and understand the opportunities that come with designing for it. [Read More]

Editor’s Note: Greening the User Experience, and Goodbye

UX (magazine logo)

Achieving sustainability, reducing one’s carbon footprint, “going green,” whatever one might call it, has gone from being a peripheral concern supported by a relative few—but dedicated—group of people, to a mainstream issue, talked, videoed, printed, blogged, and Twittered about among the masses on a daily basis…thanks in part to those earlier savants and prophets, but […] [Read More]

Book Review: Design Problems in Book Form

book cover

This book was written for everyone, about everything, and it covers a wide range of topics but is skimpy on details and specific information. [Read More]

What’s News: Simplifying Web Design and Management

Platformic is making breakthroughs in web management usability, thanks to its ability to develop CSS without needing a programmer or web design software. [Read More]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: ELMER has been selected as a finalist to the European eGovernment Awards 2009 in Malmö, Sweden [Read More]

Rubes Cartoon: Save the Trees


Cartoons from the wild and twisted world of Leigh Rubin, syndicated cartoonist. [Read More]