From Local Context to Global Design (Book Review)

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A review of Cross-Cultural Technology Design, Huatong Sun. This book examines the challenge of understanding cultural expectations and local context. [Read More]

Mindful Design: What the UX World Can Learn from Yoga

Woman in business clothes meditating, city buildings in the background.

The mindfulness practices of yoga can help you open your mind, focus, be more creative, and let your design express your intent clearly. [Read More]

Reboot: How and Why I Changed the Way I Work

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A story of how to transform your working habits, from partial attention to clear focus. The result: a more predictable and consistent working process that is more freeing. [Read More]

Unconventional Opportunities for UX: The BRICS and Beyond

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As western culture increasingly values socially minded ventures, user experience professionals can help solve common problems experienced in developing countries. [Read More]

Flipping the Bit: Reintroducing Children to Technology as a Creative Medium

Two young children using a tablet

Technology can play many roles. It can be a partner, performer, or provider, helping children create experiences that shape their environment and their own development. [Read More]

Using Your UX-pertise to Save the World: Pro Bono Work That Also Benefits You

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Take a love for helping others. Mix in a passion for UX. The result can change your career, and make a difference in the nonprofit community. [Read More]

Evil by Design? How Interaction Design Can Lead Us into Temptation

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A look at four persuasive design patterns that persuade and entice people to move from browsing to buying, effortlessly. [Read More]

MadLibs for Designers: Ideating Based on User-Generated Scenarios

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Struggling to generate novel ideas? Try DesignLibs, a design tool that involves potential users filling missing keywords from a scenario. [Read More]

Land Your Dream UX Research Role: Take Your Career to the Next Level

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Wondering how to start your user research career? Read more for advice and resources based on years of mentorship and advice. [Read More]

Editor’s Note: In Search of Inspiration

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Inspiration comes from many sources. This issue explores ideas that can stimulate creativity, from experiences in Kyrgyzstan to new work habits for productivity. [Read More]

Underground Diagrams (Book Review)

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A review of Underground Maps Unravelled and Vignelli Transit Maps.  An analysis of the design issues that challenge today’s professionals.  [Read More]

UX Awards, Past and Present: An Interview with Beverly May

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The 3rd annual UX Awards show off the best of UX. This year’s winners focused on ubiquitous computing with devices that reach into everyday lives. [Read More]

Rubes Cartoon: Sheep’s Picnic


Cartoons from the wild and twisted world of Leigh Rubin, syndicated cartoonist. [Read More]