Finding Uses For New Technology: Moving with a Magic Thing

The user cannot always be the starting point for new products but involving users provides us with a way to find applications for technology-driven innovations. [Read More]

Cultural Probes: Understanding Users in Context

Probes force designers to think about the context and motivations of use, thus building a stronger understanding of the target audience and potentially leading to more informed designs. [Read More]

Alarm Reliability: What If an Alarm Goes Off and No One Hears It?

The challenge for sound designers of control programs is to enable carefree interaction so that the users do not need to worry about missing sound alarms. [Read More]

Point, Counterpoint: What Three Experts Say about Speech Usability

Interview with three professionals who represent the range of educational backgrounds currently involved in speech technology design and are currently working in the speech industry. [Read More]

Auditory Displays in Healthcare

How might an auditory display provide background confirmation when all is well, but attract attention when there is an important change? [Read More]

What’s News: Make it Easy

The Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation program seeks to identify products that are easy to use by people with arthritis. [Read More]

Editor’s Note: Sonification: Its Time Has Arrived

This issue focuses on sonification. Some usability and user-experience professionals in medicine, health, music, video, the military, and other realms may consider information sonification and sound in the user experience a regular, typical area for consideration. For many other professionals however, sonification remains more exotic than quotidian, mysterious and elusive, even though sound is an […] [Read More]