New Faces for Local e-Government Sites

The requirement of UK local councils to “carry out 100 percent of council services electronically” led to user-centered re-designs of the Salisbury and Aberdeenshire e-government websites. [Read More]

A New Website Architecture for Salisbury District Council

The UK’s requirement of local councils to “carry out 100 percent of council services electronically by the end of 2005” lead to updates to the first Salisbury District Council website. [Read More]

Learning Lessons from Citizen Involvement at Aberdeenshire Council

Aberdeenshire Council's website followed a user-centered design process, simplifying the journeys through a large site and providing easier online information and services. [Read More]

In the Service of Citizens: Persuasion is Fine but Legislation is Quicker

Difficult-to-use tools create user mistrust, which prevent new technologies from succeeding financially. Needs, habits, and characteristics of users must be considered for a product to be successful. [Read More]

Encouraging Participatory Democracy: A Study of 30 Government Websites

Websites of public authorities are barely taking advantage of the power of the participatory citizen. We studied the main sites of thirty public authorities and identified several innovative approaches. [Read More]

The View from Here: E-Government Needs to Do More to Ensure Citizens’ Privacy

As governments increasingly move to online channels, they must do so without compromising the privacy of citizens. [Read More]

What’s News: Up, Up and Away

Airbus’s new A380 super-jumbo employees volunteered to do “ethnographic” usability testing; the first in-air test with a full-size passenger load on board. [Read More]

Book Review: What We Find Changes Who We Become

This book claims that “findability is going ambient,”- all we know about helping people find information on the Internet will help people find things in their physical environments. [Read More]

With Access for Many, a New Way to Govern

Could the founders of the United States of America have envisioned what the Internet, telecommunications, and the PC enable in terms of government organization, publications, and the electoral process? Were they alive today, visionaries like Thomas Jefferson might have been keenly interested in technology that influences education and the electoral process, and Benjamin Franklin might […] [Read More]

Rubes: As the Crow Flies

Green bubble with text:

Cartoons from the wild and twisted world of Leigh Rubin, syndicated cartoonist. [Read More]