World Usability Day 2006: Forty Thousand People Hear How to Make Life Easier

The second World Usability Day, focusing on “Making Life Easy”, built on the success of its inaugural year. [Read More]

Design Competitions Succeed in Spreading the Usability Message

World Usability Day 2006 festivities varied with social and professional cultures that celebrated the day. Several cities organized design competitions to redesign existing systems that maximize usability. [Read More]

Creating a Global Team and a Global Infrastructure

With events across forty countries and five continents, outstanding media coverage, and feedback from organizers and volunteers, World Usability Day 2006 were deemed a huge success. [Read More]

A World Usability Day Case Study: Conducting Multinational Expert Reviews

For international organizations, feedback from users at the local level is essential to product success. Organizing multinational events and sharing the results can help achieve business goals. [Read More]

View from Here: A Recipe for Usability

Cookbook author Margaret Dickenson has made her cookbooks more usable—without using industry jargon such as "usability" and "user-centered design.”. [Read More]

What’s News: Wii Usability Woos Non-Gamers

Nintendo broke a usability barrier with its Wii gaming system by creating an interface that could be easily learned by users less experienced with gaming. [Read More]

Book Review: It’s Show Time!

These guidebooks are for those who have not been exposed to the philosophy, principles, and techniques of information design and information visualization. [Read More]

Editor’s Note: One Day around the World: Good Signs and Future Challenges

In many countries, newspapers and popular magazines report on the latest products and services to reach the marketplace. In these publications, reporters and reviewers comment on whatever they believe promotes sales, marketplace success, and consumer preference. More so than in years past, however, they talk about user-centered design. This media focus mirrors corporate interest. Recently, […] [Read More]

Editor’s Note: Introducing the World Usability Day 2006 Special Issue

On November 14, 2006, at least 40,000 people were thinking about usability. Clearly World Usability Day was touching something important in many people’s lives. World Usability Day created an opportunity for people to come together and connect with people in other countries with a shared focus—of making things that work better. Ten thousand volunteers knew […] [Read More]

Rubes: Dog Vacation

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Cartoons from the wild and twisted world of Leigh Rubin, syndicated cartoonist. [Read More]