More than Just Eye Candy: Top Ten Misconceptions about Eye Tracking

image of heatmap

This article describes common misconceptions about eye tracking in the UX field and attempts to clarify its proper application. [Read More]

Touch Me! Reinventing a Business Application for the Touchscreen

Screen image

How do you take a physical keyboard/mouse-based business application and design it specifically for touch interaction? [Read More]

Taking Usability into the Trenches: Importance of Ethnographic Research and Field Testing

Employing a mixed field method that bridges the gap between ethnographic and laboratory approaches may address the need for real world context in product and design usability evaluation. [Read More]

Engaging Teams with Rich Reporting: Recipe for a Research Findings Expo

Rich reporting, for example, an expo, is an improvement beyond traditional written reports leading to a more meaningful engagement among a wider variety of stakeholders. [Read More]

Around the Globe: Lab Research in the United States and Europe

Those who do international field work need to become experts in the differences in research methodology from one culture to the next. [Read More]

Integrating Usability and Accessibility: Things Every UX Professional Should Know

Integrating usability and accessibility, which share a common goal, will enhance both practices and result in better user experiences. [Read More]

Field Research: Another View

Marketing and usability research "field" or gather data in different ways. Both disciplines would benefit by carefully considering the assumptions they impose with their approaches to sampling. [Read More]

Shh. Listen First! Social Networking, Wikis, and User Experience

The age of information is shifting to an age of interaction. To best take advantage of this, learn and observe your users first before collaboration. [Read More]

Shaker Design: Out of this World (Book Review)

Book cover - Shaker Design

A review of several books on the Shakers, noting the ways in which they pioneered what we would call today “user-centered design.” [Read More]

UXPA International Conference: Moving UX Toward the Future


This issue of UX follows the most recent UPA International conference, which was held in Munich, Germany in May, 2010. One of the things about our field that I find so interesting is the amazing breadth of topics that we need to know about. Lucky for us, the field is also such an inclusive one—organizationally […] [Read More]

What’s News: No More Goofy Glasses

Three-dimensional (3-D) movies may soon become more mainstream thanks to technologies that are making 3-D viewing more user-friendly. [Read More]

Rubes Cartoon: False Alarm Clock


Cartoons from the wild and twisted world of Leigh Rubin, syndicated cartoonist. [Read More]