Articles by Caroline Jarrett

Photo of Caroline JarrettCaroline Jarrett is a user experience consultant based in the United Kingdom. She became fascinated with the problem of getting accurate answers from users when she was consulting with HM Revenue and Customs (the UK tax authority) on how to deal with large volumes of tax forms. She became an expert in forms design, and is co-author, with Gerry Gaffney of Forms that Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability.

“Do you trust me enough to answer this question?” Trust and Data Quality

Rewards, Effort, Trust in a triangle

A question is part of a social exchange. If users trust your organization and your motives for asking, they will be much more willing to answer. [Read More]

Design to Read: Guidelines for People Who Do Not Read Easily

This article explores the possibility that similar guidelines for designing and writing clearly and simply can make reading easier for many groups and many situations. [Read More]

Editors’ Note: A Fascination with Forms

A few years ago, when we needed a book on usable forms to recommend to a client, there was little available. Now there are several, two of which (one our own) are reviewed in this issue. In the course of researching our book, we came across Robert Barnett, the distinguished Australian leader in the world […] [Read More]