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Write for UXPA: Information for Authors

Share your ideas with the UX community

Do you have an idea for an article that can inspire and inform practitioners in the field?

We are looking for articles that give a new perspective on a UX topic, share best practices on a method, or tell an interesting story about a unique project that you worked on. Your article should be thought-provoking and engaging, inviting readers to think about our work in a new way.
We do not accept marketing posts or sponsored content.
Read a good UX-themed book lately? We also publish book reviews.

Send us your article proposal.

Send us your pitch

Deadlines and themes for each issue are announced on this page, but we welcome ideas for articles at any time. Published articles are typically between 1,700 and 2,500 words.

Please include in your proposal:

  • What will you write about and how will you tell the story? One or two paragraphs describing the article and how you will illustrate your ideas with strong examples.
  • What will readers learn from your article? A summary of the main points you will make.
  • Why are you the right person to write this article? Briefly, describe your experience and expertise in the topic.

Our authors are working UX professionals with a story to share. We don’t accept sponsored content, blog posts, articles that have been published elsewhere, or PR interviews.

This is a professional magazine, not a technical or academic journal. There are no literature surveys or footnotes. Articles are practical in nature and are written in an active, personal voice, speaking to your colleagues.

The editorial team – a group of volunteer UXers – will review your proposal and decide whether to accept it for publication. You will hear back about a week after the deadline.

If accepted, you will write a draft, which is due 4-5 weeks later. Then, you will work with an editor who will help refine your article and gather everything we need for publication like your bio, illustration credits, and other permissions.

Read the magazine editorial guidelines for information about process, style, and formatting. You will also need to complete the author’s publication release form.

2024 Issue Topics

  • New methods and tools
  • Personalized experiences
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality
  • UX Maturity
  • UX Education
  • Critical Thinking and UX
  • Employee Experience
  • UX and Artificial Intelligence
  • Physical UX
  • Secure UX
  • Ethics in AI
  • Generative AI in the Design Process
  • Book Reviews

We will be accepting articles all year round about the topics mentioned above. So if you have any idea, just submit it and we will be pleased to feature it in our magazine.

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    Book Reviews

    User Experience publishes reviews of books with a focus or potential influence on user experience, usability, or design effectiveness. In addition to books specifically about usability, this may include books on business, human perceptions, psychology, sociology, and other fields relevant to UX. We prefer books that have been published recently or are in a new edition. Book review guidelines for authors.