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Measuring Perceptions: Meeting the Challenge of Perceived Quality

Measuring user perceptions is a difficult challenge. The Perceived Quality Test helps researchers quantify users’ perceptions. (Full article available in English and Español) 度量用户的感觉是一项艰巨的任务。通过观察行为和态度,感知质量测试可以帮助研究人员量化用户的感觉。 이용자의 인식을 측정하는 것은 어려운 문제입니다.…

Personal Health Metrics and Good UX: Partners in Healthcare

To ensure healthcare programs and applications that use personal metrics are effective in helping people improve their lives, focus on the user experience.为了确保使用个人指标的健康保健计划和应用能有效帮助人们改善生活,我们应关注用户体验。개인의 평가척도를 사용하는 의료 프로그램과 응용 프로그램들이 사람들의…

Power in Numbers: Measuring Usability with Web Analytics

Web analytics provide usability professionals working with websites an opportunity to gain deeper insight into their users and communicate the value of their work. 网站分析方法在每个专注于网站的可用性专业人员所使用的工具中都占据一席之地。ウェブ解析はウェブサイトのユーザビリティに携わる者のツールキットに必ず備わっているべきものである。