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Interview with Sci-Fi Author Bruce Sterling: Alien-Computer Interfaces

Bruce Sterling talks about Hollywood, aliens, and how interfaces are depicted in sci-fi movies in a conversation about UX and sci-fi.在与Bruce Sterling进行的一场关于用户体验与科幻关系的谈话中,他谈到了他对好莱坞、外星人和人机界面的看法。Bruce Sterling은 사용자 경험과 공상과학에 관한 대화에서 할리우드와 외계인,…

Educational Games: Ten Design Tips for Immersive Learning Experiences

Ten practical tips from designing a game to teach a complex biomedical topic. Even more challenging, the audience was non-gamer health professionals. (Full article available in English and Español)从一款讲授复杂生物医学游戏的设计工作中,我们总结出十条实用技巧。更有挑战性的是,受众是不玩游戏的保健专业人士。복잡한 생물의학적…

From Science Fiction to Science Fact: How Design Can Influence the Future

Science fiction shapes our collective imagination and pushes technology forward. Ultimately, science fiction is a prototyping tool that can impact the science of tomorrow.科幻小说塑造了我们的集体想象力,并推动技术的发展。实际上,科幻小说是影响未来科技的原型工具。공상과학은 우리의 집단적 상상력을 형성하고 과학기술을 진전시킵니다.…

Social Games with Words: A Short History of Implementations

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a platform is critical to getting the most out of user interface designs for it. 由于游戏产业已经成熟,所以能够提供用户所期望的用户界面和用户体验ゲーム業界が成熟するにつれ、利用者の期待するユーザインタフェースやユーザエクスペリエンスもともに成長している。

Multi-screen Games and Beyond: New Dimensions in User Interaction

User experiences, and thus games, evolve with continued interaction with and between screens everywhere. 在 2011 年夏天举办的 E3 会议上,任天堂 宣布推出 Wii U,此游戏向公众展示了相当新的多屏幕游戏用户体验。2011年の夏、E3(エレクトロニック エンターテイメント エキスポ)コンファレンスで、任天堂がWii Uを発表し、マルチモニターのゲームにおける比較的新しいユーザエクスペリエンスを一般大衆に紹介した。