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Photo of Chelsey GlassonChelsey Glasson is Lead User Researcher at Udacity and Associate Managing Editor of User Experience Magazine.

我们很快都将成为全球化的 UX 从业者

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对 Whitney Quesenbery 和 Daniel Szuc 所著《Global UX》(全球用户体验)以及 Robert Schumacher 所著《The Handbook of Global User Research》(全球用户研究手册)的评论 [阅读详情]



Learn to successfully navigate your UX career with this collection of articles. There is valuable advice for everyone from junior to senior UXers. [阅读详情]


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你有没有想过怎样成为用户体验副总裁?在为Salesforce.com研究招聘一名用户体验副总裁的可能性的过程中,Chelsey Glasson和Ian Swinson与十二名用户体验副总裁就他们的角色进行了交流。 [阅读详情]

It’s Finally Here! A Book about User Experience Management (Book Review)

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User Experience Management: Essential Skills for Leading Effective UX Teams, By Arnie Lund [阅读详情]


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New software can read faces to detect basic emotions as someone uses a website, giving a more detailed view of how they react. [阅读详情]

(English) Another Research Tool (Book Review)

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(English) A review of Search Analytics for Your Site by Louis Rosenfeld.
Insights about SSA in a practical, straightforward, and enjoyable, with real-world examples. [阅读详情]


对于新从业的 UX 专业人员而言,从学术环境步入工业界可能是个难关 [阅读详情]