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Cindy Lu leads a user experience team to support various iNautix USA products and services in the financial services industry. In 2007, a product team adopted the Agile process. Cindy has more than fifteen years of experience applying human factors in product designs and conducting user research in various industries such as financial, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, education, and consumer products. Cindy received her Ph.D. and MS from Louisiana State University in Engineering Science with concentration on Human Factors.

Agile Teams: Best Practices for Agile Development


A workshop at UPA 2009 continued previous discussions on Agile and user-centered design. Workshop participants exchanged best practices, success factors, challenges, and solutions. [Read More]

Usability Opportunities in China

China has advanced rapidly in the usability field. In several senses, China has opened up to the world, and opportunities are there for the global usability professional community. [Read More]