Articles by Dana Botka

Dana Botka has helped hundreds of public employee teams create clear content that has both reduced citizen hassles and their own business logjams. Her home base is the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, which supports her passion for making information accessible to all citizens, especially when critical to their rights, their health, and their livelihoods. Twitter: @soplain

UX 성능 기준: 변화를 측정하는 방법

콘텐츠와 디자인이 고객의 생각 및 효율성에 어떻게 영향을 주는지를 나타내기 위해 실무자들이 데이터를 생산할 때, 작업 결과물이 보다 설득력이 있고 효용 가치가 있습니다. [자세히 읽기]