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Photo of Dianne LudwigDianne Ludwig is the teen librarian at the Addison Public Library in Addison, Illinois, where she helps teens and adults navigate the library and technology worlds every day. She believes technology will make libraries more relevant to people in the future as libraries provide connection, guidance, and cool new experiences. Dianne has a Master’s of Library and Information Science from the University of Washington and ten years of public and school library experience.

La vista Desde Aquí: Más Allá de los Libros

Two people reading a book

¿Qué será de las bibliotecas en el futuro a medida que trascienden a los libros para adoptar la tecnología como emisiones en directo de audio, video a pedido y realidad virtual? [Leer más]

(English) The New Reality – Coming Soon

(English) The increasing use of handheld devices with cameras, GPS, wireless Internet, and relatively large digital viewing screens has made Augmented Reality technology available to the general public en masse. [Leer más]