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Photo of Joe BugentalJoe Bugental is a former managing editor of User Experience magazine


B. Alexandra Szerlip著『The Man Who Designed the Future: Norman Bel Geddes and the Invention of the Twentieth-Century America』の書評。 [続きを読む]


マルコム・マックラ著、『Ambient Commons』(環境を取り巻くもの)の書評。本書は、現代社会で私たちは周囲に注意を払うべきか否かを問う。 [続きを読む]

プライバシーとテクノロジーの出会い:『The Circle』(サークル)の2つの視点(書籍レビュー)

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David Eggers著『The Circle』(サークル)への2つの意見。プライバシー、情報、テクノロジーに関するレッスンが書かれている。 [続きを読む]

UX専門家および関係者 (書籍レビュー)

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It’s Our Research - Tomer Sharon著 [続きを読む]



The Editor's Note [続きを読む]

Editor’s Note: Behind the Scenes


(English) Are you interested in adding a working editor’s notch to your resumé? Our volunteer staff is always interested in growing with new talent. [続きを読む]

マニラでのワールドユーザビリティデイ:Regnard Raquedanのインタビュー

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編集者のJ.O. Bugentalが、2005年の初回からこれまでワールドユーザビリティデイでいくつかのイベントを主催してきた、マニラを本拠地として活動するコンサルタントのレグナード・ラケダンをインタビューした。 [続きを読む]

(English) Editor’s Note: Designing for Social Change


(English) This issue’s theme of “Designing for Social Change” focuses on the challenge of UX design for constructive social change. [続きを読む]

(English) Editor’s Note: Communicating the Usability Message Around the World

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(English) This issue's theme of “Communication” bring the experiences of contributors in several international settings to our global community of readers. [続きを読む]

(English) Coping Daily with Green Ethics

World Usability Day

(English) The conundrums of living sustainably will only be resolved when wiser professionals step back and look at the big picture. [続きを読む]

(English) Book Review: Design Problems in Book Form

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(English) This book was written for everyone, about everything, and it covers a wide range of topics but is skimpy on details and specific information. [続きを読む]

(English) Book Review: Assisted Loving

(English) The book is a consciousness-raiser for family members who are dealing with aging seniors as they enter new phases of their lives. [続きを読む]

(English) Editor’s Note: User and Market Research

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 アメリカ英語 のみです。 [続きを読む]