Articles by John Kille

John Kille, PhD is a Principal UX Engineer/Researcher at MSTS, a global FinTech company. Over the past decade he has led extensive user-centered design and customer research projects in the lab, online, and in the field across the US and in countries such as India, Germany, and the Netherlands. Twitter: @johnkille

(English) Creating and Implementing a Scorecard System to Increase Organizational User Experience Maturity

A group of musicians giving a concert on stage, including a piano player, drummer, and stand-up bass.

(English) In this article, the author walks through the process they used to build and roll out a user-centric scorecard to help teams increase UX maturity. [阅读详情]


根据卡诺模型可了解产品与人的行为的发展进程,该模型通过五个类别来度量客户满意度,可以帮助您更新人物角色设定。 [阅读详情]