Articles by LaiYee Ho

LaiYee Ho is a UX leader based in New York. She’s the co-founder of TwentyToNine, where she’s building research tools. She is passionate about helping teams bring human insights into their products and services. She’s led teams at a smart home startup and was on the launch team for Amazon Fire TV. Twitter: @laiyeelori


在本案例研究中,作者讨论了她如何与团队合作,将研究整合到敏捷开发流程中。通过在整个冲刺周期融入研究,带来的改变帮助团队更好地满足用户需求。 [阅读详情]


了解物联网技术如何影响每位家庭成员,是设计出直观且引入入胜的体验的关键。 [阅读详情]