Articles by Matt Jesso

Matt JessoMatt Jesso has worked in healthcare for over a decade, with the past 4 years devoted to improving the usability in healthcare. He received his training in Human Factors and Applied Cognition from George Mason University. He was key in showing the value of usability and building the Usability program at Carilion Clinic.

(English) The Need for UX in Healthcare During COVID-19

Photo of a man in an enclosed booth with his hands and arms encased in protective gloves. There is a shelf capable of holding supplies connected to the outside of the booth.

(English) In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a shortage of medical equipment. This shortage in combination with the US Emergency Use Authorization, allowing the use of improvised PPE, resulted in a number of unregulated and untested products becoming available. Matt's team of Human Factors UX professionals evaluated many products and systems during this time as part of their roles in a healthcare system. In this article, Matt shares some of those experiences. [Leia mais]