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Nicola Marsden is a professor in the IT department of Heilbronn University, teaching social psychology in software engineering and IT management. Her research focuses on motivation, attitudes, and gender in face-to-face situations, computer-mediated communication, and human-computer interaction. She has initiated "Gender-UseIT," an interdisciplinary network to bring people together with the aim of considering gender in UX, usability, and HCI. @Nicola_Marsden

开展用户体验工作: 男女有别

Unisex restroom sign

分别针对男性和女性进行不同的设计是否重要? 这也属于语言的范畴,反映了用户对自己身份的考虑。 您是否应当在用户体验设计中考虑性别因素? [阅读详情]