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Shannon McHarg has been a UX designer and researcher since 2002. She started in civic tech in 2015 when she joined her local Code for America brigade. She currently works for the federal government in the Office of Natural Resources Revenue. Learn more at her website (

So You Want to Get into Civic Tech? (Book Review)

Shannon McHarg

A Civic Technologist’s Practice Guide by Cyd Harrel shows what it’s like to work in the field of civic technology by offering a roadmap for how to get started working in the field, a glimpse into the day-to-day work, and the big challenges faced within this field. [Read More]

Remote Friendly User Experience: How to Keep and Hire Top Talent

How remote friendly companies can attract top UX talent by breaking location barriers and increasing productivity and work/life balance. [Read More]

참여하는 시민들: 시민 참여에 대한 여덟 가지 접근 방식에 대한 고찰

지방 정부와 시민 참여를 증가시키는 기술을 사용하려는 여덟 가지 시민 참여 방식에 대한 평가 [Read More]

Visualizing Tax Returns: Showing the Impact in Design

The right information visualizations can help customers confused about their tax refunds and help them make the right decision for their finances. [Read More]