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効果的でインタラクティブな情報の視覚化を可能にするものとは何かを実例を挙げて説明するとともに、データとそれに付随するインタラクティブな体験を解釈しやすいように視覚表示するための原則を示す。 [続きを読む]


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『Underground Maps Unravelled 』と『Vignelli Transit Maps』、今日の専門家たちを挑発するデザイン上の問題を分析。 [続きを読む]

ダイアグラム:見えないものを見えるようにする (書籍レビュー)

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A review of Designing Diagrams: Making Information Accessible through Design by Jan Gauguin.
One recent and five classic books about diagramming, the visual depiction of structures and processes that help us to understand and to interact with complex information. [続きを読む]

グラフィックデザイン:ふたつの見解 (書籍レビュー)

A review of Graphic Design: A New History by Stephen J. Eskilson and Graphic Design Solutions by Robin Landa [続きを読む]

(English) Book Review: Do’s and Don’ts of Information Graphics

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(English) A review of The Wall Street Guide to Information Graphics: The Do's and Don'ts of Presenting Data, Facts, and Figures by Dona M. Wong. Guide to creating information graphics that are usable, useful, and appealing, especially in the business and advertising world. [続きを読む]

(English) Information Graphics: An Eclectic Celebration

(English) Guidebooks on effective visual communication are frequently published for those who have not been exposed to information design and visualization, often obscuring similar publications of decades past. [続きを読む]

(English) Book Review: It’s Show Time!

(English) These guidebooks are for those who have not been exposed to the philosophy, principles, and techniques of information design and information visualization. [続きを読む]