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MIT 的用户体验研究人员为秘鲁利马本地创意行业的参加者举办了一个用户体验设计研讨会。他们介绍了研究、构思、概念开发和改进等方面的关键方法。 [阅读详情]


地球的另一边如何生活:巴西和新西兰的用户体验设计 [阅读详情]


在巴西,以用户为中心设计会充满挑战,因为在那里组织的用户体验成熟度很低。团队必须克服管理层对以用户为中心设计的抵触,并驾驭各种文化因素的影响。 [阅读详情]


非营利性用户体验不同于营利性设计,但这两个领域可通过互相交流方法而受益。简单了解一下“对方”在做什么可以为我们的工具包提供新花样。 [阅读详情]


在健康保健领域的用户体验设计中,了解使用背景非常重要。有太多的电子健康档案可用性较差,因为这些档案在设计时没有适当考虑用户体验。 [阅读详情]


医院的设计是一项充满人类因素的挑战。良好的信息标志可帮助患者在庞大的园区内快速找到自己的路。 [阅读详情]

让用户成为共同创造者: 以玩家为中心的游戏设计

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如何让适合敏捷流程的游戏设计做到“以用户为中心”,并将玩家的反馈和由实际用户提供的信息融入其中。 [阅读详情]

(English) Usability Maturity Models: Making your Company User-Centered


(English) A well-documented and researched usability maturity assessment, addressing different organizational viewpoints, is a good first step in improving usability capability. [阅读详情]

(English) The Classy Classic: Designing the User Interface (Book Review)

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(English) This updated edition of a text about designing user-interfaces is testament to the evolution of these and other related topics the past two decades. [阅读详情]

(English) Forms Management: What Forms Managers Think About

(English) To create really good electronic forms, as with paper forms, you need to consult with all parties to assess fully their needs. [阅读详情]

(English) Designing Spaces for Dementia: An Interview with Terry Carson

(English) An interview with Terry Carson, the owner of residential facilities for people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. [阅读详情]

(English) Lost in Space: Holistic wayfinding design in public spaces

(English) Wayfinding design, a combination of signage with spatial structures, must be a collaboration between urban planners, urban/architectural designers, and visual communication designers. [阅读详情]

(English) Resuscitating the User Experience: A Touchscreen Systemfor EMS and Fire Rescue Professionals

(English) When updating a touchscreen medical record program, a user-centered design process fixed a number of critical usability issues and resulted in a user experience and financial success. [阅读详情]