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Photo of Aaron MarcusAaron Marcus, principal, Aaron Marcus and Associates, Berkeley, California,; Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, User Experience; Editor, Information Design Journal; member, ICOGRADA Design Hall of Fame (2000); Fellow, AIGA (2007); member, CHI Academy (2009); author of 16 books and 300 articles; researches/designs mobile user interfaces, information visualization, persuasion design, and cross-cultural communication.


对 Vijay Kumar 所著的《101 Design Methods: A Structured Approach for Driving Innovation in Your Organization》(101 种设计方法:可推动组织创新的一种结构化方法)的评论。本书提供了关于创新和设计思维的指南。 [阅读详情]


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关于《地铁地图详解》(Underground Maps Unravelled) 和《维格纳利交通地图》(Vignelli Transit Maps) 的书评。对当今专业人员面临的设计问题的分析。 [阅读详情]

边缘之上: 超越西方科幻作品中的用户体验

亚洲科幻作品受经典西方小说启发,同时其灵感也来自于本土文学传统。中国、印度和日本的创作手法揭示了基于不同文化的创造力。 [阅读详情]


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两本书的书评: 《想象的艺术 ——20世纪的科学幻想、恐怖和幻想》作者:Frank M.Robinson,Frank Robinson、Robert Weinberg 和 Randy Broecker 2002年由收藏家出版社出版 《未来玩具 ——机器人、宇航员、宇宙飞船、激光枪》 作者:Antoni Emchowicz 和 Paul Nunnelely 1999年由新卡文迪什书刊出版社出版 [阅读详情]

图表:化无形为有形 (书评)

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A review of Designing Diagrams: Making Information Accessible through Design by Jan Gauguin.
One recent and five classic books about diagramming, the visual depiction of structures and processes that help us to understand and to interact with complex information. [阅读详情]


Robot from a sci-fi film

If you want to look into the future of UX design, take a close look at the science fiction movies of the last 100 years. [阅读详情]


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“钱”管家项目研究、分析、设计并评估一些有效的途径来帮助“婴儿潮”中出生的人们改进对于财富的管理。 [阅读详情]

图形设计:两种观点 (书评)

A review of Graphic Design: A New History by Stephen J. Eskilson and Graphic Design Solutions by Robin Landa [阅读详情]

(English) On the Edge: Gaming the User Experience

(English) Game design often seems to turn usability principles upside down: traditional, information-oriented design values the standards of usability, usefulness, and appeal, but game developers start from the other direction and work back. [阅读详情]

(English) On the Edge: Branding the User Experience

(English) Branding establishes and maintains people’s identification with and “loyalty” to people, companies, products, and services and likely this focus on branding may increase in prevalence. [阅读详情]

(English) UX Storytelling (Book Review)

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(English) A review of Storytelling for User Experience by Whitney Quesenbery & Kevin Brooks and UX Storytellers: Connecting the Dots Edited by Jan Jursa, Stephen Köver, & Jutta Grünewald. A [阅读详情]

(English) Book Review: Do’s and Don’ts of Information Graphics

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(English) A review of The Wall Street Guide to Information Graphics: The Do's and Don'ts of Presenting Data, Facts, and Figures by Dona M. Wong. Guide to creating information graphics that are usable, useful, and appealing, especially in the business and advertising world. [阅读详情]

(English) Shaker Design: Out of this World (Book Review)

Book cover - Shaker Design

(English) A review of several books on the Shakers, noting the ways in which they pioneered what we would call today “user-centered design.” [阅读详情]

(English) Analyze This: A Task Analysis Primer for Web Design

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(English) A deep dive into task analysis: how it is used, and why, too often, we ignore one of the most helpful tools in our toolboxes. [阅读详情]

(English) User Experience: What? So What? What Now?

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(English) “User Experience” is a phrase that seems to be catching on in many places. But what does it mean? [阅读详情]

(English) Book Review: Providing Access for All

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(English) This compendium provides intellectual tools for those active in changing the world by making products and services more available to all who could benefit from them. [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: User Experience Development: What? So What? Now What?

(English) In this issue, we seek to integrate the worlds of UX and software development in order to create better products, services, and user experiences. [阅读详情]

(English) The Green Machine: Going Green at Home

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(English) The Green Machine seeks to create a prototype to test whether it makes people reduce their energy consumption, holding significant implications on the use of Smart Grid software. [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: Greening the User Experience, and Goodbye

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对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 [阅读详情]

(English) Information Graphics: An Eclectic Celebration

(English) Guidebooks on effective visual communication are frequently published for those who have not been exposed to information design and visualization, often obscuring similar publications of decades past. [阅读详情]

(English) The Classy Classic: Designing the User Interface (Book Review)

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(English) This updated edition of a text about designing user-interfaces is testament to the evolution of these and other related topics the past two decades. [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: A Gourmet Meal of Content, Context, and Analysis Awaits You

对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 [阅读详情]

(English) Formally Speaking: Two Guidebooks about Designing Forms

(English) Two books about designing forms, similar in subject matter but contain different approaches to defining problems, providing solutions, and presenting their approach in book design storytelling. [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: Forms and Usability

对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: Platinum Perspectives on Usability and User Experience

(English) The role of seniors have important implications for the policies and focus of attention for our professional organizations and daily life. [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: Mobility, Usability, and Transportation: Design a Go-Go

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(English) This issue explores how transportation impacts culture and society and to examine how people interact with vehicles, infrastructure, technologies, security, and finding their way through an environment. [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: Think Locally, Test Remotely

(English) Remote testing, the special concern of this issue, is increasingly important to usability professionals. [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: A Blurring of Boundaries

对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 [阅读详情]

(English) More than Skin Deep (Book Review)

(English) This book’s focus on accessibility during the entire user-centered design process integrates accessibility throughout product development and provides readers with a readable introduction to incorporating these concerns into daily professional practice. [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: The Greening of World Usability

对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: Usability and Medical Systems

(English) This issue of User Experience seeks to drive home the importance of usability, usefulness, and appeal—the full range of user-experience development—for medical systems and for healthcare delivery in general. [阅读详情]

(English) What a Character! (Book Review)

(English) A review of Characters of the Information and Communication Industry by Richard Bellaver.. An amazing, tumultuous, and awe-inspiring journey that begins with Gutenberg and continues onward to the present day, 500 years later. [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: Making Ourselves Usable, Useful, and Appealing

对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 [阅读详情]

(English) Book Review: It’s Show Time!

(English) These guidebooks are for those who have not been exposed to the philosophy, principles, and techniques of information design and information visualization. [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: One Day around the World: Good Signs and Future Challenges

对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 [阅读详情]

(English) With Access for Many, a New Way to Govern

对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: Sonification: Its Time Has Arrived

对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: Go East, Young Man or Woman

对不起,此内容只适用于美式英文。 [阅读详情]