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Photo of Aga BojkoAga Bojko is Managing Editor of the UX magazine, VP of User Experience at GfK Custom Research, and author of the book Eye Tracking the User Experience: A Practical Guide to Research. She can be found on Twitter as @agabojko.


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灵感可能来自任何地方。在本期中,我们将探讨可以激发创造力的一些主题,从吉尔吉斯斯坦的经验到可提高工作效率的新工作习惯,均能给您启发。 [阅读详情]



The theme for this issue is Beyond Books. It has a nice balance of research- and design-related topics, ranging from note-taking, making sense of user feedback, and report writing to designing for entertainment and persuasion. [阅读详情]

(English) Editor’s Note: Short and Tweet


(English) Our Editor’s Notes usually focus on a theme, but this issue (gasp) doesn’t have a theme! Instead, there is something here for everyone. [阅读详情]


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眼动跟踪不再是用户体验研究工具箱中仅由少数几个专家使用的新奇之物。随着越来越多用户体验 (UX) 专业人员在研究中采用眼动跟踪方法,由此便产生并延续了许多误解。 [阅读详情]