Articles by Aisling Ann O’Kane

Photo of Aisling Ann O’KaneAisling Ann O’Kane is a Ph.D. candidate at the University College London’s Interaction Centre and is part of the CHI+MED project concentrating on patient experience and the safe use of take-home medical technologies. She consulted on human factors engineering in the safety critical domain before completing her Masters in Interactive Systems Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, conducting her thesis research at the Mobile Life Centre in Stockholm and at TU Delft on user trust in technology.


著者たちは、「人間対機械」、「人間対人間」の等価的な関係を取り上げ、間違いも起こり得ると認めるが(そうすることにより、絶対間違えないふりをする場合よりも大きな信頼を獲得し)、実際には間違いのない機械インターフェイスを提唱している [続きを読む]