Articles by Alik Brundrett

Alik Brundrett is a UX/UI designer, motion designer, and commercial photographer living in Seattle, WA. Over the last 10 years, Alik has worked with a variety of agencies, small businesses, non-profits, and enterprise businesses within the UX Design field. His website is Twitter: @alikdesigns

Remote Design Teams: How to Use Cloud-Based Tools to Collaborate

With the right strategies and tools, distributed design teams can maintain effective communication and creative collaboration. [Read More]

How to Make Motion Design Accessible: UX Choreography Part Two

Following a few foundational guidelines for accessibility can make your motion design more inclusive and help you add polish and maturity to the overall user experience. [Read More]

Motion Design: An Intro to UX Choreography

The UX application of UI motion design is becoming so important, it’s taking on new terminology of its own—UX choreography. [Read More]