Articles by Amanda Wright

Photo of AmandaAmanda is a user experience designer whose passion is online communities. She’s worked for companies such as Yahoo!, RMA Consulting and Investis. A keen sketchnoter, her illustrations have featured in a number of books and magazines. She lives in North London with her husband and young daughter. @yahnyinlondon


(English) Our intrepid sketchnoter learns about using technology to navigate through the human body. Feeling things you can't see and seeing things you can't touch is changing how surgeons operate. [阅读详情]



我们勇敢的sketchnoter探讨了与互联网相关的人和历史事件。 [阅读详情]

昨日世界 – 我们能从传统社会中学到些什么

Jared Diamond in a sketchnote

我们的速记员兴致勃勃地参加了多本畅销科普图书的作者 Jared Diamond的一场演讲会,并记录下自己对传统社会学到了什么。 [阅读详情]