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Photo of Andrew RiveraAndrew Rivera has worked in user experience for fourteen years. He’s been managing UX teams for the past six years and is currently a senior manager of user experience for Walmart Global eCommerce. Andrew holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Wisconsin and studied information design at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Building the Next-Gen UX Team: Strategies for Cultivating Generalists

Artistic words: Broad knowledge

With the rise of agile development, conditions are ripe for the return of the user experience generalist. User experience departments need tactics to build generalists, instead of specialists. (Full article available in English and Español) [Read More]

Editor’s Note: The Question of Motivation

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We ask users about their motivation, but this theme also applies to our own work as researchers, designers, managers, and team members. [Read More]

From the Experts: The Past, Present, and Future of UX

Photo of panel members

Experienced UX professionals know that a successful career depends on how well you can tell a story and sell your ideas in a business presentation. [Read More]