Articles by Anuj Tewari

Photo of Anuj TewariAnuj Tewari is a fourth year graduate student in Computer Science at UC Berkeley, with an area of interest inHuman Computer Interaction (HCI). He works on the use of educational mobile games for ESL acquisition with underprivileged children in the developing world. He is also working on doing pronunciation feedback on hand held devices for Spanish speakers within the U.S. He is advised by Professor John Canny, and has had about six years of experience with ICTD research.

디지털 슬레이트의 운명

A digital slate with hands using it

리고 디지털 정보 기록을 위한 더 오래된 종이 기반 시스템으로부터 상당히 매끄러운 전환을 허락하는 인터랙티브 터치 스크린을 사용합니다. [자세히 읽기]