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Photo of BonnieBonnie Scott is an associate of biomedical communication at Bridgeable. She specializes in interactive and multimedia design for educational games and mobile apps. Bonnie’s unique training as both a Ph.D.-level cell biologist and tech-savvy biomedical designer allows her to bring advanced scientific knowledge, rigor, and communication experience to the design process.

교육용 게임: 몰입형 학습 경험을 위한 10가지의 디자인 팁

People playing games around a table

복잡한 생물의학적 주제 교육을 위한 게임 디자인의 10가지의 실전 요령. 더 어려운 일은 독자가 게임을 하지 않는 의료 전문가라는 것이었습니다. [자세히 읽기]