Articles by Brad Fain

Photo of BradBrad Fain has been involved in numerous aspects of human performance research for the past seventeen years at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. He established Georgia Tech’s Accessibility Evaluation Facility, and has pioneered evaluation techniques designed to measure accessibility and usability of products and services. Brad also directs the Center for Consumer Product Research and Testing, whose mission is to identify, research, and publish regarding needs, aspirations, and abilities of children, older consumers, and individuals with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities.


ユーザビリティおよびアクセシビリティの専門家は不必要にもそれぞれを分けて考え過ぎ、両方のエリアで不利益を生じさせてきた。ユーザビリティの専門家は、ユーザビリティに関する問題に取り組む際、しばしば通常の母集団の外にあるユーザカテゴリーは無視する傾向にある。 [続きを読む]