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Photo of BrianBrian Sullivan is the usability principal at the Sabre Human Factors Center, the founder of the Big Design Conference, and assistant director of World Usability Day. Brian has facilitated sketching workshops and design studio projects for the past five years. He developed the “Design Like da Vinci” method to give designers a framework for more effective sketching.


Vitruvian Man

列奥纳多•达芬奇是文艺复兴人的典型代表,他集画家、雕塑家、建筑师、科学家、数学家、土木工程师、发明家、地质学家、作家等角色于一身 [阅读详情]

(English) Sustainable Design at Home

World Usability Day

(English) When you begin any project, start thinking about how you can make it greener. Sustainable design is good design. [阅读详情]