Articles by Carl Beien

Photo of CarlCarl Beien is a UX researcher at GfK Custom Research. He identifies new opportunities for UX applications by drawing on a variety of experiences, many of which are outside the traditional realm of human-computer interaction. Carl has an interdisciplinary academic background and spent years working in developing countries. A strong component of his experience in applied ethnography comes from his two years with the U.S. Peace Corps.

慣例にとらわれないUXの機会:ブリックス諸国 (ブラジル、ロシア、インド、中国、南アフリカ)、そしてその彼方

Map with Kazakstan

西洋文化が、ますます社会的な志向性をもった事業に価値を置くようになるなか、ユーザーエクスペリエンスの専門家たちは、開発途上国によく見られる問題の解決に貢献できる。 [続きを読む]