Articles by Carol J. Smith

Carol J. Smith has an 18-year career in UX/UXR (12 with Agile) managing teams, collaborating on complex problems, and working across industries and platforms. She holds an MS in HCI from DePaul University, enjoys volunteering with UX organizations, and is currently working to improve the self-driving experience. Twitter: @carologic


A process diagram of dual track agile/UX work cycles.

The AUX3 model (Agile UX with 3 Tracks) proposes a framework for fitting the user experience cycle into the Agile process. [阅读详情]


成功的协作始于清晰的预期,而要设定清晰的预期,我们需要一种通用的语言。 [阅读详情]

谈判:您有过经历 – 现在来精通其中的技巧

Part of a diagram for priorities

精通谈判技巧不但对工作有很大帮助,对个人也益处多多。 [阅读详情]