Articles by Chris Kiess

Chris Kiess is a Principal UX Designer and Lead with more than 13 years’ design experience in the healthcare industry and specializes in healthcare UX. He holds a Master of Library & Information Science and a Master of Science in Health Informatics – both from Indiana University. Twitter: @chris_kiess

Building an Ethics Framework for UX Design, Part 2

Generic patient health record

Ethical issues, surprisingly caused by benevolent intent, are often left unnoticed in UX design. Conscious awareness is the primary step in tackling these pressing issues. [Read More]

Building an Ethics Framework for UX Design

A compilation and categorization of the different ethical issues within UX design [Read More]

Expand Your View: The UX Ecosystem of Healthcare

Ecosystems are larger than features and organizations. The user journey expands the entire ecosystem of experience, with multiple touch points along the way. [Read More]