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Photo of Christian ManzellaChristian Manzella manages a team of UX architects at Lowe’s and practices freelance UX and IA. He has nearly fifteen years of experience working in a range of industries, including automotive, marine, e-commerce, energy, packaged goods, and technology services. Christian studied design at Broward College and human communications at Old Dominion University.


简化并不是很容易的事。从根本上讲,在体验设计方面简单是件好事,但通常是有代价的。例如,在流程或代码中需要一些复杂的内容来让用户界面变得简单。角色开发方法使得用户体验团队能够以更加以人为本的方式构建网站和最大程度地满足用户需求。 [阅读详情]