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Photo of ChristinaChristina York started her career in UX as an information architect more than eleven years ago, but very quickly fell in love with user research. While she currently operates as a manager for an in-house UX team and as UXPA Conference co-chair, she still keeps her research skills fresh by practicing observation skills during meetings, doing ethnographic studies of colleagues’ desks, and running social experiments in the office without permission. Sometimes she Tweets it out as @UXtina.

勇闯前人未至之境: 关于用户体验实践的科幻电影

Photo of Sulu from Star Trek

对于用户体验设计师来说,观察力是非常重要的,它会带来创意。科幻电影为这些技能和最佳方法的实践提供了机会。 [阅读详情]