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Photo of DuncanDuncan Ray is the director of practice at Tomorrow Studios, an Irish-based customer experience consultancy that helps multinationals, corporations, start-ups, agencies, and consultancies mature their experience design and innovation capabilities. His research and thinking about collaboration-driven innovation draws upon work in communications, entertainment, and harder numbers: the telecoms, gaming, and financial sectors.

배심원은 판결을 내렸는가? UX의 법원 비유

Diagram of circular rings

12세기부터 진실을 고도로 추구해온 곳인 ‘법정’이라는 곳에서 어떻게 협력을 보다 잘 해낼 수 있을까요? 이 기사는 디자인에 대한 방어자 겸 공격자로서의 UX 지위를 부여하고 있습니다. [자세히 읽기]