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Photo of DuncanDuncan Ray is the director of practice at Tomorrow Studios, an Irish-based customer experience consultancy that helps multinationals, corporations, start-ups, agencies, and consultancies mature their experience design and innovation capabilities. His research and thinking about collaboration-driven innovation draws upon work in communications, entertainment, and harder numbers: the telecoms, gaming, and financial sectors.

陪审团已经做出裁决了吗?:UX 与法庭的类比

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自 12 世纪以来,法院一直是一种寻求真理的形式。既然 UX 亦求真理,那么,协作如何得益于法院的运作原则呢?这篇文章将 UX 比喻为设计的辩护人和起诉人。 [阅读详情]