Articles by Elyse Sanchez

Drawing of ElyseAs a user experience architect for Pathfinder Associates, Elyse Sanchez enjoys multiple roles as a writer, interface designer, and usability specialist. Previously, she was a senior member of the user experience group for DiamondCluster International, where she designed websites and online and mobile applications for users in the U.S., South America, and Europe. In her previous position as an instructional designer, she developed, wrote, and produced new media training materials for neurosurgeons, telecommunications architects, and restaurant managers. Elyse spent seven years teaching English and Drama at the University of Iowa, where she studied for her Ph.D.

Designing an Arabic User Interface: Methods and Techniques for Bridging Cultures

Designing an effective Arabic user experience by understanding how cultural and linguistic issues are tightly woven together. UX designers became "cultural translators." [Read More]