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Photos of FilippFilipp Sapienza has published user research and developed database and web applications for a variety of organizations. Twitter @FilSapienza

(English) Cultural Dimensions of Chinese-American Websites

(English) This article highlights the current state of UX in Southeast Asia and provides examples from across the UX maturity spectrum. [阅读详情]


能够促进网上社区形成的界面,亦能提升社交互动的质量。这对每个人有利无弊。 [阅读详情]


在与多民族群体打交道时,并不存在一种“通用”的解决方案。拉美裔美国人并不都使用相同的网站,他们遇到的文化压力也不尽相同。 [阅读详情]