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Photo of Gabrielle SmithGabrielle Smith is a social protection advisor with Concern Worldwide. She previously served as head of program development for a Madagascar-based NGO, and consulted on design of the DFID-funded Chars Livelihoods Program in Bangladesh and Expanding Social Protection Progam in Uganda. She advises on best practices for cash transfer programming across Concern’s twenty-five country operations, with a focus on utilization of mobile technology. She developed Concern’s global strategy and guidelines for cash transfer programming and supports research into the impacts of cash transfers in Niger, Rwanda, and DRC. She led the research project for the Cash Learning Partnership “New Technology Enhancing Humanitarian Cash Programs” on which this article is based.


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在应对自然和人为灾难时,人道援助机构会提供所需的资源:食品、衣物、毯子和庇护场所。但如果市场仍在运转,现金可能是最好的救助,它使人们能够有尊严且灵活地满足自己的需求。 [阅读详情]