Articles by Huatong Sun

Huatong Sun is associate professor of Digital Media Studies at the University of Washington Tacoma. Author of the award winning book “Cross-Cultural Technology Design” (2012), she studies how to design and innovate for usable, meaningful, and empowering technology in this increasingly globalized world. She is once again working with Oxford University Press for her new book on global social media design. Twitter: @huatongs


像微博、阿里巴巴和小米这样的中国科技公司正在通过用户体验来扩大自身的业务,将客户群变为粉丝团。 [阅读详情]


当用户的专业知识遇上设计者的解决方案专业知识,往往会诞生新产品。诸如 LINE 和 Pokémon Go(精灵宝可梦 GO)等社交游戏就显示出互联的粉丝群体在创新方面的力量。 [阅读详情]