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Photo of IreneIrene Au is VP of product and design at Udacity, a startup dedicated to bringing higher education online and making it accessible to everyone. She previously headed Google’s UX team for six years and ran Yahoo’s User Experience and Design team for eight years. She holds certificates from two highly acclaimed yoga teacher training programs and teaches yoga classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can follow her blog at

用心的设计:UX 世界可以从瑜伽学到什么

Woman in business clothes meditating, city buildings in the background.

瑜伽的专注练习法可以帮助您打开思维、集中注意力、变得更有创造力,让您的设计清晰地表达您的意图。 “瑜伽将改变您的人生。 [阅读详情]